We offer Identity Solutions for e-cigarette and e-juice Companies.  Our CMS Electronic Verification Services offer value, simplicity, and flexibility for ecig and e-juice merchants.

e-cigarette Solutions
Companies in the Electronic Cigarette and “e-juice” markets face an uncertain
regulatory future. While age restrictions have only been formally legalized in 42 states
as of this time, the legal risks and specter of the proposed FDA “deeming rule” (which
would classify Electronic Cigarettes and eJuice as tobacco products for regulatory
purposes) effectively ban sales to minors throughout the US.
Traditional Tobacco brands learned in the 1990s that a “bare-minimum” approach to
following regulation requirements of existing regulations was insufficient to prevent
legal ramifications. Many e-cigarette and e-juice websites currently utilize self-declaring
age-screeners (i.e. the 18+ button or entry of date of birth) to prevent underage site
usage; however this “bare-minimum” approach to age screening has been specifically
targeted in studies by the University of North Carolina and others submitting public
comments to the FDA showing that such methods are insufficient to prevent sales to
Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) offers identity verification solutions that can
ensure Electronic Cigarette and E-Juice companies are not transacting with Minors.
Each of the solutions represented in this document provides age screening through
comprehensive identity verification.

EVS offers its verification and authentication services
through a robust end-user management platform that
allows you full administrative control. We can even
help you develop customized user accounts for your
employees to administer the system with ease.
• Create Thresholds and Limits on a Per User Basis
• Limit Access by Location (IP Address)
• View Activity by Company and/or User, Including
Volume/Transactional Activity
• Create Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Reports
• Get Full Technical Support with Online Trouble
Ticket System
• Easily Manage Batch Transactions
• Mobile Payment Support
For more information on the platform, contact
your agent.

Each of our IdentiFraud packages includes an array of
verification and authentication services for one low price.
There is no monthly minimum required, and we even offer a
30-day opt-out at no cost or obligation.
• No Setup Fee
• Tiered Volume Pricing
• No Monthly Transaction Minimums
• Nominal $99.00 per month system access fee
• Lowest Transaction Fees in the Industry

Solutions and Transaction Prices
IdentiFraud Consumer+ $0.50 Per Transaction
IdentiFraud International $1.09 Per Transaction
IdentiFraud DL $1.06 Per Transaction

What Makes EVS the Smart
Choice for Age-Screening?
An intuitive user interface
and easy integration through
our Web Service API provides
access to all EVS solutions.
Customizable products allow
for solutions as unique as your
individual fraud prevention needs.
EVS combines many
services into one
complete solution
at price points
competitive to
a single service
EVS has been providing the best solutions for identity
verification and age screening for over fifteen years.