Cigarette smoking has been a controversial subject for many decades. A health disclaimer has been attached to cigarette cartons and packs for many years. Unfortunately, many health and medical experts believe that this disclaimer is ignored by thousands of avid smokers. They have discovered that this disclaimer has not discouraged the youth from trying cigarettes.

Cigarettes with tobacco are known to cause serious health problems. For example, it is not uncommon for one to come down with lung cancer after smoking for several years. This is the primary reason why physicians, scientists, and health groups encourage individuals to stop smoking cigarettes. This is also a major reason why health insurance companies have higher premium rates for smokers.

Electronic cigarettes have been in existence for several years. The function of electronic cigarettes has been in featured in many newspapers, magazines, and television talk shows. They were created to give smokers a chance to avoid the serious health risks that are associated with tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are ideal for anyone who is interested in an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Many electronic cigarette smokers are excited about their decision to switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Let’s take a close look at several reasons why many turn to e-cigarettes.

No Second-Hand Smoke

Medical and scientific researchers have discovered that second-hand smoke can cause health problems. This has been a serious issue for anyone who spends a great deal of time around avid cigarette smokers. Electronic cigarettes don’t produce second-hand smoke. This has been one of the main reasons why many smokers have selected to smoke e-cigarettes. They don’t want to put the health of their family members and friends in jeopardy.

Safer Alternative

Tobacco in cigarettes contains tar and many other harmful ingredients. Some of the ingredients are also addictive. Electronic cigarettes don’t have tobacco. One is only consuming a vapor when he or she smokes an e-cigarette. The vapor does not contain tar and many other toxic chemicals.

Public Places

Laws prevent one from smoking tobacco cigarettes in buildings, offices, restaurants, and other public areas. It can be frustrating for one to be restricted to outside areas for smoking pleasures. One can also feel alienated when he or she sees posted signs that prohibit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are permitted within these areas. There are no laws in place that prohibits one from smoking an e-cigarette within a public area. This is great for anyone who enjoys smoking while having dinner in a restaurant with their family and close friends.

Helping Individuals Get Away From Cigarettes

Studies show that electronic cigarettes are effective in helping individuals to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. One can gradually be lured away from conventional cigarettes within a matter of weeks or months. E-cigarettes have the same look and taste, but they are not as harmful.

Cigarette smoking has been a very controversial topic for many decades. Electronic cigarettes are the ideal option for anyone who wants to stop smoking. One is not consuming harmful chemicals when he or she is smoking an e-cigarette. Studies show that the function of electronic cigarettes can help one stop smoking within a reasonable amount of time.



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